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Rhino poaching awareness in schools

Hi Teachers,

In South Africa, we have an increasing epidemic of rhino poaching.  Many of our parks rhinos are being killed for their horns.  It is disgraceful.  Often these rhinos don't die immediately from their injuries and many babies are orphaned.  It's very sad.

Many schools are undertaking projects to help raise money for the protection of our rhinos and also to create awareness to South African children.  My school's eco-committee has done a lot of fund raising for our local reserve.

The children are taught extensively about the conservation of rhinos and other wild life and egage in many activities to do with rhinos.  We often make competitions to raise money and it is heartwarming with the response we get from parents and, especially children.

At the moment, we are running a competition where the children have to create a rhino out of recyclable materials.  I will take some pics when they are complete.

Another activity we have done is, fill a giant rhino picture with magazine pictures of rhinos and with conservation rhino posters all around it.

In Art, the children learnt how to draw a rhino and they colour washed it into rainbow.  This symbolised their promise to help protect them.  A lot of our school work also incorporates the rhino theme.  Rhino story sums, comprehensions etc.


An idea might be to create an awareness world wide too and the best place to start is with our young ones.  If any teachers out there are keen to do something with their class and share it with me and my class, that would be amazing.  I'm sure our kids would love to know that kids out there, are also keen to assist.

Yours in rhino conservation...

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